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Just some representative pictures of the past few weeks for the kids...  


Anna at the Spam museum in Austin (MN).  Yes, they use chain mail there.  :) 

Spam workers of the world, unite!  

Anna's lemonade stand.  Funny, but most of the people who bought lemonade paid MORE for it than the sign asked for.  Must be the overpowering cute vibes.  :)  

No, we did not put our son out on the curb for garbage pick-up.  He's just hanging out until we get the thing inside.
(It's not new -- just got it from my 'rents who don't have room for it anymore)

The kids (and Addy, daughter of great friends of ours) are reenacting the 3 little pigs.  
Anna is the wolf.  The third pig is an inert pink pillow that is not in this scene.  :)  

Here we see the heretofore missing third pig.  (It's the brave one, standing up to the wolf, in front)

Anna (helping Kevin, son of *different* great friends of ours) and Lukas out enjoying
some of our fabulous fall weather.  

Yes, Anna got a haircut.  Mike went out with her while I was in Australia (hem HEM!) and cut about *8 inches* 
of her hair off!  She loves it, but it was still hard for her Mommy to let go...  :)  

Character Meme

Write down the first ten book characters who come to mind. Try not to use more than one character from any one book.

1. Nero Wolfe, detective and food connoisseur extraordinaire
2. Lizzie Bennet, awesome heroine of the beloved Pride and Prejudice
3. Laura Ingalls, childhood favorite
4.  Ender Wiggin, of Ender's Game fame (still a top 5 book with me along with #2)
5.  Ayla, from the Earth's Children series
6.  Mara, Daughter of the Empire
7.  Talia, first fantasy heroine I fell in love with (Arrows of the Queen)
8.  Jane Eyre, lovely Jane. 
9.  Jupiter Jones, the first of Three Investigators
10.  Stanley Yelnats

Now answer the following questions, based on the characters you wrote down above. Absolutely no going back to change the characters you've chosen!

Characters 4 through 10 are on Survivor. Who gets voted off the island first? 
Ooohhh...  Well Ender and Ayla are obviously the top contenders for the title of Sole Survivor, but I think poor Jane is voted off first due to damaged sensibilities.  She wasn't so good at surviving when she left her money on the post chaise...

What are the chances of characters 1 and 8 falling in love with each other?
Nero Wolfe and Jane Eyre?  About zero.  I can't imagine Nero ever falling in love, and Jane already has the love of her life.  :)

Character 2 and character 3 get into a cat fight. Who wins and why?
Lizzie Bennet and Laura Ingalls.  I think Laura simply due to the fact that she has more physical strength from working hard on the farm, etc.  Lizzie is probably not in top form, even if her spirit is rather scrappy.  :) 

Of the other nine characters, who is character 7 most likely to have a crush on?
Well, there's not much to choose from, as most of the character's are girls, but I think Talia would go for the older Ender.  She'd definitely empathize with the sensitive part of his nature, and is realistic enough to understand the motivation behind his reputation for violence.  She'd respect his intelligence, as well.  *I*'d have a crush on Ender if *I* knew him. 

What would happen if character 4 got turned into a vampire?
Oh, fun.  Ender the vampire.  He would be one kick-ass vampire in the Angel tradition.  Sweet. 

Two of the characters are twins separated at birth. Which two are they?
Fraternal twins Mara and Ender.  Conniving, extremely intelligent, very good at achieving their goals.  It seems like Ender is my answer to all these questions.  Can you tell I like the kid?  :) 

Characters 1, 2, 3, and 9 are stuck in an elevator. What do they do to pass the time?
Nero, Lizzie, Laura and Jupiter.  Well Jupiter would gravitate toward Nero as a fellow "detective," but Nero would be annoyed and want to be left alone.  Lizzie would want intelligent conversation, but be disappointed, because Laura would be busy marvelling at the technology of the elevator.  Either that or they'd hit it off as they realized the strong personalities they have in common.  
(If Ender werer there, he'd figure out that they weren't really IN an elevator at all, but that it's simply a hologram/alternate reality designed to test their reaction to the situation...)

What would happen if character 8 and character 5 were roommates?
Jane Eyre and Ayla.  Jane could learn a LOT about living off the land (in case she needs to run away from Rochester again -- no more starving on the moor!).  Ayla would love learning all she could from Jane the governess.  

What do character 10 and character 6 have in common?
Stanley and Mara?  Almost nothing.  Ummm...  Oh, I know!  Their ancestors were both very important to them.  (I'm proud of that one!) 

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You know the Bible 100%!

Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
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All those years in parochial church schools have finally paid off!  :D    I must have learned SOMETHING before being thrown to the wolves (i.e. "public schools") in 7th grade!  :)  I've always thought that part of the reason I teach 7th grade in a public school has something to do with my own horrible 7th grade year, and the wonderful librarian that saved my life.  :) 
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY waywalker !!

As Pooh would say:  "Many Happy Returns of the Day"!  :)  

Pooh scratched his head, being a little puzzled by all this.
"But is it really your birthday?" he asked.
"It is."
"Oh! Well, Many Happy Returns of the day, Eeyore."
"And many happy returns to you, Pooh Bear."
"But it isn't my birthday."
"No, it's mine."
"But you said 'Many happy returns' -- "
"Well, why not? You don't always want to be miserable
on my birthday, do you?"
"Oh, I see," said Pooh.

Food, Water, and a *book*!

Oh, and I forgot to tell the coolest thing about today!  

I was browsing through CNN's homepage in an effort to make myself feel well-informed...and I found this story (links below) about a woman who'd been found in the wilderness in New Mexico, after having been missing for 5 weeks.  I love stories about the lost being found, so I read it all the way through, only to realize that one of the two boys who rescued the woman was a FORMER STUDENT OF MINE!  Peter Kottke is a great kid, who loved to talk to me about high fantasy versus pop culture fantasy, and was always up for a hearty argument about the merits of books based on movies.  He and his brother discovered this woman during their hike, after the search for her had already been called off for two weeks.  And better yet, when they left her with food and water so they could go get help, they also left her with a BOOK, which would definitely be what *I* would ask for under those circumstances.  ;>  I obviously must have taught Peter well.  :)  I'm so proud of him!  :)




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I watched the Golden Globes last night and felt supremely out of the loop in the 'motion picture' categories.  Seriously, I don't think I'd seen a single one of them!  And then Meryl Streep got up to give her speech (oh, I DID see Devil Wears Prada -- my friend Rich from college plays "Doug"), and she mentioned something about speaking to theatre managers about getting movies onto screens -- and I realized that this is probably why I haven't seen any of these movies...they simply aren't SHOWN here.  With the exception of "The Departed," not a single one of those movies played in a movie theatre here in Rochester.  Sad.  

I had fun watching the TV awards, though -- glad that "Grey's" won, and nice to see America win for "Ugly Betty."  Sickened to see Donald Trump there, watching, because I'm still disgusted by the last episode of Apprentice I watched.  The Playboy mansion?  "Seriously??"  

I'm home early today because the carpet cleaners had to come and deal with the fact that I have a two-year-old son.  Honestly, that kid has packed more destructiveness and stain-creating ability into his short existence than my husband and daughter have in my combined 16 years with them.  *sigh*  I wish I could put him in some sort of bubble without hampering his having a normal childhood experience.  :)  

I finished reading The Truth About Forever while they were removing the hot chocolate stains -- and I am so excited to go back to school tomorrow and recommend it to my students.  I don't know how I didn't discover the magnificent Sarah Dessen until just recently, but I'm so glad I did.  I feel like I should institute a game of "Truth" with my own husband...a good way to keep us talking about things when we tend to get into a rut of only discussing finances, school, and child-rearing issues.  I saw Just Listen on the shelves at B&N while I was there the other day, so I may have to go back and snag that one, too.  

My new goal (for the third time) is to get our house onto the market sometime in March.  This means, first and foremost, getting the stupid bathroom done, and finishing the overhaul of the basement clutter.  I'll add a more extensive list of to-do projects in a later entry, I think.  Just because it's good for me to record these things.  :) 

American Idol starts tonight!  (so much for getting the house on the market -- maybe I should wait on that until Idol is done...it might be more realistic) 

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